A & AS Level

Advanced Level and Advanced Subsidiary Levels (A/AS Levels), is the 'gold standard' of CIE qualifications. It has exactly the same value in admitting students to all universities as its UK equivalent.

International A Level examinations are usually taken after 13 years of education and are based on approximately 360 hours of guided learning, normally over a two-year period. There are six passing grades (A* to E). Minimum matriculation requirements are at least two pass grades.

Every year, thousands of Cambridge International A Level students gain places at good universities worldwide including the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore and Australia. Cambridge A Levels has been given a status of equivalency to any Grade 12 Certification in India by the Association of Indian Universities.

Universities worldwide recognize Cambridge International A/AS Level as an excellent preparation for a university education. Some US universities give up to a year's credit at the Graduation level as a result.


Subjects are offered in all three streams- Science, Commerce and Humanities. Students can also choose subjects across streams. Our school is the only school in Mumbai offering Media Studies as a subject in A Levels.


English Language






Art and Design




Information Technology

Environmental Management

Media Studies


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