Alumni Testimonials
If raindrops had feelings, could you imagine the frustration they would harbor upon
being ‘flushed’ out of the skies, cursed to fall endlessly until they hit an accursed roadblock of insurmountable proportions? The disappointment and helplessness they would feel upon being cast down, unable to ascend? The misery they would have no choice but to wallow in upon realizing the only option they had was to accept the dreary fate of being splat on a rock or patch of mud somewhere? I like to think people are a lot like raindrops, in that they’re all speeding towards a fate where ‘an end’ is all that is certain. Our journey of life never ‘stops’, no matter how much we may want it to- we fall deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole, just as a raindrop would, until our time comes. And we all fall toward the same fate together, whether we like it or not. The only difference is, people DO have feelings. You don’t need to imagine how a person would feel upon being forced to fall towards a fate they didn’t want. You don’t need to imagine how a person would feel upon having all options stripped from them, being forced to hurtle towards a predesignated point like some kind of emotionless automaton. You don’t need to imagine anger, distress and powerlessness. You don’t need to imagine being trapped in despair to know the consequences of being trapped in despair.
That’s why it’s important for people to be able to pave their own futures. It’s important for people to have options. And it’s important for people to like being together, because that’s part of fate regardless of what options you have. Suffice it to say, I’m proud to realize that’s exactly what I was taught at Bunts Sangha’s SM Shetty International
School- over the course of my 7-year education here, alongside my exemplary tutoring in my subjects of choice, I learned the value of togetherness, I obtained the ability to forge options for myself, even in the face of overwhelming adversity, and most importantly, I was trained to keep standing throughout the torrential downpours the world threw my way. Thanks to the lessons I learned here, no longer am I ‘just a raindrop’ destined to crash into the ground at ludicrous speeds- I’m a raindrop that knows where to land to make the most not only of myself, but also of others, and how to land there. I’m a raindrop that can resist the blowing wind that tries to send me careening into a pit from which there is no escape. I’m a raindrop that knows how to re-ascend when it counts. I can’t stress how important it is for people to avoid becoming regular, boring old raindrops; the mentality encouraged at this school opened my eyes to this fact. I learned to stop accumulating experiences and start living, thanks to the tireless of work of the truly exceptional faculty and facilities here. There are no words to convey my gratitude to the teachers that, instead of trying to shape me, taught me how to shape myself. As they say it, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”- and that’s exactly what’s done here; students are taught to fish. …Not literally, of course. I would like to conclude by saying that this raindrop would like to thank everyone, teachers and students alike, for what they taught him, and he’ll never forget the experiences he made here. Now please excuse me while I try to scientifically determine whether or not raindrops actually do have feelings one more time.
Siddhant Shirke
My journey as a SMSITE
"Five minutes left." the invigilator said, as I scribbled the last word of my last A Level paper and possibly the last line I'd ever
scribble in that classroom. All of a sudden, I was beyond the reach of the world, floating in a calm ocean of clouds and my mind was free. Empty. Serene. All of those stressful hours finally lifted me up to where I was. Whether that was "technically" was a good place or a bad place, I did not know that day, for eventually CIE would be the judge of that. But it definitely felt great and in that moment that was all that mattered.
However, as I walked down the very stairs, that I climbed up for the first time 8 years ago, a icy coldness gently began to fill all the newfound emptiness within me as I realised it was all really over.
My memories of each and every teacher, rushing to my help and lifting my spirits up, whenever I needed them and my memories of all of us laughing in class together, would remain just memories. No amount of words could ever express the gratitude I feel for all my teachers and all my memories I have with each of them. My teachers are not just the best guides who have showed me the way out of the thorniest jungles, but they are also my friends. In SMSISJ the teachers don't just see you for your academic performance, they see you for who you really are and identify your real potential.
Some of the friends I have made throughout the course of my eight years have been for a season. Some of them have been for a reason, and some of my friends have stuck with me throughout the thickest of moments. Even though I had friction with a lot of them especially as a child, this friction has only made us all closer than we ever were before. All of my friends have taught me to love unconditionally, and to laugh uncontrollably. They accept me for my weirdness, listen to my endless rambles, and even though some friendships drift apart and sometimes and they don't exist in the present, they did add sweetness in the past, sweetness that I can still taste today.
Farewells are difficult. Knowing that all I would have as I left the place I grew up in, the place that I considered your second home for eight whole years are memories was hard. But these memories are exactly what make me who I am today and having them is a gift I am so grateful for. My journey as a SMSITE has not ended yet and it never will. Because the amazing qualities that this school has embedded in me: the value of knowledge, perseverance, honesty, confidence and love, will stick with me throughout and I'll always be a SMSITE. I now look forward to seeing what lies beyond those clouds.
Gayathri V. Kondapall
Pursuing Computer Science at BITS Goa
The Journey of a Decade
"Every journey begins, but with a small step"; and when I took my first small step
into S.M.Shetty School, as a 5 year old in kindergarten, began my decade long journey. This journey has seen me through many ups and downs; transformed me from a tiny toddler to a tenacious teenager, and I wholeheartedly avow that I enjoyed every single moment of it.
Just recently, an acquaintance approached me seeking guidance to help choose a school for their ward, and my spontaneous reply was: S.M.Shetty International School. Up until I was asked about it, I had never really thought about my journey through this school, but after some contemplation, I realised how I much I’ve gained from and love this place.
Everything I could have hoped to be, I was given the opportunity to be in this school; be it an orator, an editor, a poet, a programmer, a sportsman, a musician, a designer, an actor and last but not the least a leader.
All my teachers have been an integral part of my life, and have taught; not only academically, but have also helped me develop as a person. Most of all, I appreciate being taught and inspired to lead by all my teachers who set a great example and truly brought out the best in me.
Our school ensured that I received the most holistic and all-round development possible.Our Annual days, Sports days, Assemblies, various intra and inter school competitions like Debates, Olympiads, Spelling Bees and MUNs have taught me effective time management and being a team player.
It taught me that everything cannot always go my way and sacrifices are necessary. I’m glad I was given the opportunity to partake in all the social work that we do each year which taught me to empathise, not sympathise.
Life is incomplete without bad times, and I’m grateful for all the help I’ve received with anger management and achieving emotional stability. I’ve learned how to cope with and not fear failure; and fight back with persistent hard work to achieve my goals. I’ve learnt to be humble even in victory and how to fall with grace and rise up again.
It is not just the teachers whom I will remember; I’m lucky to have delightful classmates with common ideologies and goals but varied personalities and backgrounds. Without them, I would’ve never been able to exploit my capabilities in an optimum manner. They’ve given me countless happy memories and shared good times with me. And who can forget our jokes, nicknames and pranks on each other!
The late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam rightly said; "Sometimes it is better to bunk class and enjoy with friends, because today when I look back, marks never make me laugh, but memories do."
More than all the other years combined, I’ve thought about my school life this year. Ironically, it also seems to be the smallest year, just flying by at unnatural speeds. I was focused on my goal, locked on to only the end and nothing else, and now that it is almost here, I realise that I shall cherish the journey more.
Aneesh Nadgouda
Pursuing IBDP at Symbiosis International School Pune
Often it is repeated to us students that our initial years of learning are meant to become the foundation upon which we
pave our futures. But at SMSISJ it is so much more than that. The atmosphere is conducive to personal growth and self-discovery; a place where we are unbridled and free to both establish and embellish upon our intensely unique talents. Encouraged by teachers and friends - often one person was both - I found my niche in the world as a writer and artist. SMSISJ goes the extra mile to make these formative years a personal experience for each student, and in doing so creates young achievers who are driven, have clarity on their aspirations, and have been instilled with all the knowledge and the skills necessary to pave a future of their own making.
Ex student Aryan Ganesh. Pursuing Graphic design course at MIT-ID Pune
SMSISJ has been one of the most important stages of my life. I have spent three crucial years of my life here. I was extremely new to the city when I had
joined this school and school was nearly whole of my world at that time. The teachers, the students, the environment, everything was so welcoming that I never felt away from my hometown. In a way SM Shetty has helped me a lot in adjusting in this new city.
After having passed my IGCSE examinations with such good results all I can think of is the tremendous effort that all of our teachers have put in for us throughout IG 1 and IG 2. I can't thank principal ma'am enough for being such a strong support system for all of us. All the teachers were so loving and understanding that it made school a second home for me. I could approach them any time I was facing a difficulty and they made sure that my queries have been tackled. Inspite of their tedious schedule they took extra doubt clearing classes and waited with us after school hours to clear all our problems.
They did not leave any chance to motivate us and encouraged us in every way possible. They have been with me through thick and thin. They have helped me rise above all the demotivation and negativity. I fall short of words in thanking them for all that they have done for me and I always will. It would have been completely impossible for me to sail through my IGCSE years this easily without the guidance of my wonderful teachers.
Vidhee Agrawal (IGCSE topper 2015-16) , Ex student. Pursuing Pace at Powai
SMSISJC was my first family, my biggest family, and will always be my home where my teachers had encouraged me to forge my own path ahead. The
international curriculum combined with personal attention to each student helped me learn skills needed to tackle college even though I pursued a completely different track. I will forever be grateful for the support my teachers give me even after I graduated.
Ex student Nivedita Nair. She is pursuing Liberal Arts at Symbiosis Pune.

My life as an SMSite

"This year's Head Boy: Shashwath Suresh". This statement made on the
P.A. system while the declaration of the results of the student council elections, is something that reverberates in my mind as soon as I walk into school. The badge on my chest and the emblem of the school on my blazer constantly fill me up with pride and along with that, a sense of responsibility and desire to do something for S.M Shetty International School: the place which has made me who I am.
Since I first walked into school, I have seen myself grow and in the five years I have spent here, I have had some of the best experiences of my life. Being a member of the student council is a dream for every student and being a part of it for four years is truly superb. I have risen through the ranks of the council.
From a prefect to a Deputy Head Boy and now to Head Boy and the experience I gathered during these tenures has not only made a better person but also a better leader. Being a political and UN enthusiast from a very young age, I knew that leadership means a lot in today's world and so that's one thing I always took care of. School also helped me nurture my leadership skills by giving me opportunities to be a part of leadership camps and MUNs which has benefitted me. According to me, being a leader is not important its being a good leader that is crucial.
Student council life has made me a better listener and thinker as there are a lot of council interactions where we work as a team and do what's best for the school. In such meetings, it is necessary to lead but also necessary to sit back and listen to the ideas of my fellow council members which also improves my awareness and makes me think in new dimensions and also makes me open to criticism.
School life is not only limited to leadership, it's academics which matters here in India and since joining S. M. Shetty, I have grown as a student and have learnt that it's easy to learn and write exams but it's necessary to understand as that's what will take you further. The teachers have always encouraged me and pushed me to my limits and this has made me a better student. My grade 10 results of 6A*s and 2As in the eight subjects I had taken reflect the same.
These aspects were what convinced me to stay here for AS and A Levels as I believe that under the guidance of my teachers, I will be able to scale new heights but with my feet firm on the ground. I am looking forward to these two years as I will be exposed to new competitions and opportunities to hone my skills and become a better human being.
Shashwath Suresh, Pursuing A Levels
with the school.

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