Cambridge Curriculum
Cambridge Primary is typically for learners aged 5 to 11 years. It develops learner skills and understanding through the primary years in English, Mathematics and Science.

The curriculum is flexible with clear learning objectives. Cambridge Primary offers integrated assessment, helping schools to check learners' development and give feedback to parents. Cambridge Primary is an excellent preparation for Cambridge Secondary 1 and for progression to other educational systems.

Our curriculum

  • Sets clear learning objectives in English, Mathematics and Science for each year of primary education
  • Focuses on developing knowledge and skills in core subjects which form an excellent foundation for future study
  • Focuses on learners' development in each year
  • Provides a natural progression throughout the years of primary education
  • Is compatible with other curricula, internationally relevant and sensitive to different needs and cultures
  • Provides schools with international benchmarks

Cambridge Primary Checkpoint

  • Is a test for learners at the end of the final year of Cambridge Primary and is available in English, Mathematics and Science
  • Tests skills, knowledge and understanding at the end of stages 6 of the curriculum for English and Mathematics and Science
  • Tests are marked in Cambridge to provide an international benchmark of learner performance
  • Learners receive a statement of achievement and a diagnostic feedback report
  • Feedback reports show how a learner has performed in relation to the curriculum, their learning group, the whole school, and against all learners who have taken tests in that series around the world.
  • Helps teachers to monitor group and individual performance, and manage learning programmes

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