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Core Values
Our endeavour is based upon nine core values that are the enduring underpinnings of our professional community. We aspire to adhere to and model these in all of our professional interactions. By experiencing these core values in their educational journey, we believe our students will embrace and in turn model them in their professional lives.
  • We value learning as a life-long journey that transforms us.
  • We value “Learning to Learn” as a core skill to be developed in every student.
  • We value responsibility and respect to self and to others.
  • We value multiple pathways to learning and expression.
  • We value the strategic role of technology in the 21st century.
  • We value the spirit of inquiry accompanied by critical and creative thinking.
  • We value authentic and reflective assessment.
  • We value and encourage the essence of teamwork among our students.
  • We value the principles of “Learning to Know, Do, Be and Live Together”
Our Objectives
  • To provide an academic programme that is sequential, relevant and balanced.
  • To provide extra-curricular activities that promotes sound physical, emotional and social development while facilitating the transfer of skills.
  • To provide students with technology skills that is age appropriate.
  • To provide support for children of all abilities and learning styles.
  • To demonstrate a commitment to the beliefs and values as espoused in the school philosophy.
  • To guide and counsel students.
  • To develop a comprehensive curriculum that promotes integration across subjects and grades.
  • To encourage students to develop strategies for their own learning and assessment.
  • To provide for students to work both independently and collaboratively.
  • To use a balanced range of strategies for formative and summative assessments which are reviewed periodically.
  • To maintain an ongoing review of all programmes and procedures to ensure consistency.
  • To develop in students a scientist's mind, a sportsman's body, an artist's eye and a pilgrim's soul.

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