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AD Mad Show
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Spell Bee CP I & II
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Fancy Dress Competition 2018 - 19
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Current Events

AD Mad Show

The 'Ad- Mad Show' Competition witnessed the auditorium of SMSISJC brimming with creativity and talent of students of Checkpoint I to A Level and IBDP. The theme for the competition for Junior Level category was 'Food Industry' and for the Senior category was ' New political Party'. All the four Houses put up a great show. Heartiest Congratulations to the Spring House team who emerged as a winner in both the categories. Sharing a few pics of the Competition.

Field Trip for IEYC and CP I & II students – Alladin the Untold Story

Learning at SMSISJC is never confined to the four walls of the classroom. We at SMSISJC strive to provide students various platforms to gain practical and real life experiences to our students for deeper learning and pleasant memories. Our IEYC and CP I students at Mahakavi Kalidas Hall enjoying the 'Alladin and the untold story of Jafar' play. After the play the students interacted with the actors and shared the stage with the professionals honing their acting skills. Our students never fail to have fun and enjoy while they learn.

Internal Model United Nations

Model United Nations is an educational simulation and a charged, intellectual and verbal interaction in which students learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations by sharing their knowledge on various global issues. MUNs help develops leadership skills, statesmanship, negotiating abilities, public speaking skills, and help refine general knowledge about the UN and current affairs.

We are proud to announce that our school conducted the 4th edition of our internal MUN, SMSISMUN 2018 on 24th and 25th August 2018. The Model United Nations was a student-led initiative and organized by the Secretary-General, Shushrut Devadiga, the Director-General, Ravij Lade, the Deputy Secretary-General, Anoushka Basu and their team. Students participated as representatives of various countries in committees ranging from United Nations Environmental Programme to Joint Crisis Committee. Many students enjoyed the event and we hope to see them participate in other MUNs around the world.

Spell Bee Competition – CP I & II

Our little Spell Bees certainly aim to 'Write Right' with perfect spellings. Sharing the glimpses of Spell Bee Competition held for CP I and II.

Fancy Dress Competition 2018-19

Co-Curricular and Extra-curricular activities are vital for the holistic development of a child. SMSISJC had a Fancy Dress Competition for the children of CP I and II.
Children came dressed up in their vibrantcostumesand spoke about the character that they depicted with confidence and enthusiasm. They were proud to exhibit their perspective of a “Super Hero” with a message. We had with usHonourable Prime Minister NarendraModi, Mother Teresa, Magical Fairies, Mother Earth, Water droplets, FIFA stars, Avengers,Queen of Jhansi to name a few. The little children spreadvaluable messages to Save water,Go Green & Say no to plastic.They won our hearts with their exuberance and enthusiasm! The competition proved to be great learning experience for the students and gave them a platform to build their public speaking skills. It was indeed a memorable day for all our students and their mentors.

Gods Foundation Visit 2018-19

Visit to M.B.A - GODS Foundation

On 21st June 2018, Hon'ble Chairman, Powai Education Committee CA Shankar Shetty Sir along with Principal Ms. Mildred Lobo ,Vice Principal Mr. Rakesh Shukla and IB CAS Coordinator Ms.Anamika Sharma visited the MBA G.O.D.S - Self Esteem Foundation for Disabled People, a trust that works with people with various physical and mental disability. It provides education and skill training to these differently abled children so that they can earn their livelihood and live a life with dignity.

SMSISJC's association with the trust is further strengthened with Sir's visit to the centre and meeting Chairperson Mrs.Meenakshi Balasubramanian. Sir assured to buy products made by these differently abled people for school use, thereby providing them platform for their products. It is indeed a lovely gesture to express our gratitude towards G.O.D.S Foundation who helps our students develop virtues of empathy and compassion through participation in various events and projects of the foundation

Guest Lecture 2018-19


Orientation for teachers by Counselling Center

A session on Social and Emotional Learning in School was conducted by Ms. Pratima Bhandarkar, Head of Counselling Department for all the teachers in batches. The session aimed at developing self awareness, self management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision making. Challenging and engaging activities were planned for deeper learning.

Healthy Mind

A session on Healthy Mind conducted by Transparenz was organised for all the teachers by the School Management. The session was conducted exceptionally well by the resource person CA Mr. Anil Shetty with his team. The session emphasised on developing a positive attitude towards life with a focus on learning and evolving. It covered the aspect of chemical reactions in brain that causes stress leading to illness. From mind gym to physical exercises the session took the participants through the benefits for a healthy mind. It was indeed a good start to the new academic year with the enriching session.

EUMIND Annual General Meeting 2017-18

For SMSISJC it was proud moment to attend the 10th Annual General Meeting cum Award Ceremony of Eumind (Europe meets India) and receive the 'Certificate of Excellence' on behalf of the students for the project ' World of Work' at Chatrubhuj Narsee School. Hearty Congratulations to all the students and teachers.

Eumind is a network of schools in India and Europe to promote intercultural learning, global citizenship, social responsibility and ecological awareness. A big 'Thank you' to Mr. Ludo Mateusen Eumind Founder and Chairperson for Europe and Ms. Annemie Mateusen. We are also grateful to Eumind India Chairperson Ms. Jessie Vas for her support and motivation. Hearty Congratulations to Rosanne Severs for her new role as Eumind Chairperson of Europe. The topic chosen for this year is ' Go Green' and we are looking forward to have a student exchange programme soon.

IEYC – Look alike Talent Show

Parents are a child’s first and most important teachers. At SMSISJC we have always fostered healthy parental involvement through events and volunteer opportunities. It was a delightful sight when the IEYC parents came in all dressed up with their little ones for the “Look Alike” talent show. We had tiny tots along with their parents singing, dancing, vanishing things with abrakadabra and also transporting us into the world of fairy tales.
It was a Saturday very well spent. A big thank you to parents and their kiddos for all the efforts.

Mildred Lobo

Independence Day Celebrations

72nd Independence Day Celebrations at Bunts Sangha's S M Shetty Educational Institutions. On 15th August 2018, Bunts Sangha’s S M Shetty Educational Institutions, celebrated Independence Day with zeal and patriotic spirit. President, ShriPadmanabha S Payyade unfurled the tricolour to the strains of the National Anthem.Esteemed Office Bearers of Bunts Sangha-, ShriSanjeevaShetty and Shri Praveen Shetty, and distinguished members of Powai Education Committee, Chairman, CA Shankar Shetty; Vice Chairman Shri B RaghuramShetty Shetty and Vice Chairman ShriNityanandHegde added distinction to the gathering .Chairperson of MahilaVibhag, SmtRanjaniHegde also graced the occasion.

The Flag hoisting was followed by a colourfulprogramme in the school auditorium. Master ParasThapa from the International school enthralled the audience with his soul stirring speech . The students of the Kindergarten and Primary sections brought the audience alive with their patriotic dances. The students of State Board conducted a musical narration in Marathi on the true meaning of Independence. A colourful dance presentation by the Degree College and the National Song by the students of Junior College received much deserved applause.

In his address to the Institution, President, ShriPadmanabha S Payyade shared joyous greetings and reiterated the sacrifices of our great leaders. Chairman, CA Shankar Shetty, urged each member of the Institution to take up the mantle of responsibility and to solve problems without depending upon others. He exhorted students to study hard and do well and advised teachers to give their best to the students. Principal DrShridharaShetty spoke on the progress that India has made since Independence and also highlighted the problems that still exist.

The 72nd Independence Day celebration was indeed a glorious one, with emotions of patriotism, gratitude and hope running high in the hearts and minds of everyone present.

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