Facilities & Resources

Air-conditioned classrooms

All of our class rooms are children friendly and air conditioned. Students are provided with lockers in the classroom so that they don't have to carry books home everyday. Every classroom is digitally enabled with Computers and Projectors to
provide multi sensory learning experiences.

Online digital Library

In order to have access to the huge amount of information on digital media students will be able to access resources via the Internet
through the online digital library.

Well Equipped Science

Students visit the science laboratory to conduct experiments under the guidance of teachers for their science practical classes.

Indoor Auditorium

The indoor auditorium is a spacious hall where all the school events, competitions and
assemblies take place.

State of the art Sports

To have a huge playground in a city like Mumbai is indeed a bonus to our school and a pleasure to our students.

Medical Centre

The school is equipped with a well trained nurse to deal with minor illnesses and

Well stocked Library

Our library is well equipped with resource materials and books catering to all of our sections from IPC to IBDP and A levels. Students are allowed to issue books and take them home.


Practical classes and exams are conducted
in the ICT lab which is well equipped to provide for the different software and hardware requirements for the different sections.

Dance Room

The dance room is never a dull place with
young performers shaking a leg to the
beats of Indian/Western music and
learning new skills from trained professionals.

In-House Counselling

The school is blessed with an inhouse counselling cell to cater to the many requirements of children in today's challenging and modern times.

Art Room

The art room provides the students with a serene atmosphere to develop and
enhance their creativity. This quiet place is adorned with students' work and achievements.

Day Care

The school offers a Day care facility for working parents which caters to children in the age group of 2 to 10 years.

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