Principal’s Desk

Mrs. Leena Pimpley

Principal, SMSISJC

“If we teach today's students how we taught yesterday's students we rob them of future.”

- John Dewey

At SM Shetty International School and Junior College 'Student learning' is at the heart of anything and everything we do. They deserve the best of all to achieve their maximum potential. Among the major factors that contribute to high quality student learning is quality of teaching. However, teaching in a 21st century classroom is not an easy job, rather it is becoming more and more challenging with each passing day. Today's teachers are preparing the students for challenges of unknown and unpredictable tomorrow. The classroom is no longer a place where the teacher transfers her knowledge to the students. Instead it is a place that accommodates students with diverse learning needs and learning pace. The information revolution has made data available in abundance. The need of the hour is to transfer right skills among students to process the information using critical and analytical thinking in order to construct knowledge and design creative solutions. For a teacher to be relevant in today's education system, learning to learn, unlearn and relearn are the most essential attributes. Improving quality of student learning is the ultimate goal as we have to nurture aware, committed, responsible, compassionate and happy members for tomorrow's society.

The paradigm shift in the classroom scenario from teacher being the giver of knowledge and student being the receiver to teacher facilitating and guiding students in their quest for knowledge and generating ideas has created the necessity to have a comprehensive professional development program for teachers to equip them to address needs of changing classrooms of the 21st century.

“The most valuable resource all teachers have is each other. Without collaboration we are limited to our own perspectives”
 - Robert John Meehan

Continuous Teacher Professional Development also serves as a platform for teachers to collaborate with their peers thereby keeping them updated on the current trends in education. Communication, collaboration and cooperation are very important parts of Professional Development for teachers. If we want students to take action to solve problems and achieve sustainable growth in future we as teachers need to take action and acquire new skills of teaching today.

With this objective in mind we have launched Cambridge Teacher Training Centre offering Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications; Cambridge International Certificate and Diploma in Teaching and Learning as we firmly believe that one enlightened teacher can inspire generations of learners.

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