We follow the system of continuous and comprehensive Evaluation through Formative and Summative assessment which is in line with the ‘Right to Education Act’.

The assessments are conducted/carried out throughout the year and students are graded at the end of each semester. Our students participate in various talent search exams conducted by external organizations at different levels

  • Talent Search Examination,


  • DAV Talent Search

  • MaaRs Spelling Bee Exam

  • IPM Mathematics Scholarship Exam

The revised Evaluation System has been introduced to implement the ‘Right to Education’ Act in the State of Maharashtra.

Aims of Continuous Evaluation
  1. To have continuity in evaluation and assessment of broad learning objectives
  2. To test and work on behavioral outcomes of the students.
Types of Evaluation
  1. Formative Evaluation
  2. Summative Evaluation

Evaluation being an integral aspect of teaching – learning process, it should be enjoyable for the students. The system of evaluation as mentioned above should be carried out at seriously at Class and School level. Summative Evaluation should be based on the objectives of learning and should be conducted continuously throughout the year.

Subject wise analysis of the marks obtained by the students should be converted into grades as per the table given below:

Grand total of the marks of all subjects should not be done.

Range of % Grade
91-100 A-1
81-90 A-2
71- 80 B-1
61 -70 B-2
51 -60 C-1
41 -50 C-2
33 -40 D
21 -30 E -1
Less than 20 E – 2
  • Students’ progress to be recorded in the report card.

  • Individual qualities of the students should be mentioned.

  • Positive remarks should be used for motivating the students.

  • Not to compare students with one another. Parents should be informed from time to time about their ward’s progress.

  • To conduct re-exam for those who have missed their summative evaluation. Proper care should be taken to ensure that the students’ progress towards the higher grades. Additional supplementary guidance should be provided for the students who come in the range of grade D to E-2 in order to bring them at least up to grade C-2. However these children should not be detained in the same class under any circumstances.

A) First Language/Second Language / English/Mathematics / EVS/General Science and Social Science
B) Art/ IT / and Health and Physical Education

Std First term Second term
Evaluation (Marks)
Summative Evaluation – I Formative
Evaluation (Marks)
Summative Evaluation – II
Orals Written Orals Written
I & II 70 10 20 70 10 20
III & IV 60 10 30 60 10 30
V & VI 50 10 40 50 10 40
VII & VIII 40 10 50 40 10 50
Std First Term Second Term
I – IV Formative Evaluation = 100 marks Formative Evaluation = 100 marks
V- VIII Formative Evaluation = 100 marks Formative Evaluation = 100 mark