• The School is a co-education institution with English as the medium of instruction. It is open to all communities irrespective of caste, creed or colour.

  • Equal emphasis is given to academic and non-academic subjects in order to bring about the overall development of the child.

  • Every child is given an opportunity to develop his/her talents and blossom into a full-fledged citizen of the society.

  • The School has to be self-supporting. Hence the fee structure will have to be revised when the need arises, to meet the expenditure. If such changes are to be made, parents will be informed by a circular, before a new academic year starts.

  • All school fees and stationery charges should be paid directly to the Bank prescribed by the School.

  • School Fees are payable strictly in advance on or before the 10th of every

  • School fees will be accepted through cash / local cheques / pay order / DD/online banking in the School Premises at the Extension Counter of Cosmos Bank.
    Bank Timing for payment of Fees – 9:30 a.m to 1:30 p.m and 2:30 p.m to 5:30 p.m

  • If fees is paid through cheque and in case returned/bounced, a penalty of Rs. 300/- along with fees should be paid only in cash to the extension centre of Cosmos Bank in school premises.

  • Please fill in all the details of students’ Name, Std. & Div. in the space provided in all three counterfoils of pay in slip to enable the School to maintain proper records in the computerized system as this system is updated from the pay in slip received from the bank.

  • Please also write the students Name, STd. & Div. on the reverse side of the cheque/pay Order/DD.

  • Only one paying-in-slip book will be given to the parent/student free of charge. On loss of Pay-in-slip book once to them, a second pay in slip book can be obtained from the School office on payment of Rs. 20.

  • Fees for the whole year, or for half year can be paid in lump sum at the beginning of the year or the period for which the fees are paid.

  • If fees are not paid 10 days after the due date the pupil’s name would be removed from the roll. The pupil so removed may be re-admitted only on payment of all arrears along with the re-admission fee. No reminder will be sent to Parents/Guardians in the normal course regarding arrears or default in payment.

  • Queries/Interviews
    All queries/correspondence on policy matters are to be addressed to:
    The Principal,
    Bunts Sangha’s
    S M Shetty High School & Junior College,
    Hiranandani Garden, Powai,
    Mumbai – 400 076.

  • Gift to Teachers :Birthday presents, Seasonal Gifts etc., to teachers and staff of the school ARE FORBIDDEN.

  • Birthdays:Children are allowed to wear party dresses on their birthdays and allowed to distribute only chocolates to his / her class-mates, teachers and staff, but under no circumstances gifts of any form will be allowed to be distributed.

  • Change of Address:Parents are requested to intimate to the School, in writing, any change in their residential address or telephone number without delay.

  • The School does not accept the responsibility for loss of books, money etc. Each child is responsible for his own belongings. Students are advised to bring their books.etc. in a secure bag.

  • No books, magazines or newspapers, not approved of by the Principal are allowed to be brought to school. If found, they are liable to be confiscated.

  • Pupils should be particularly careful not to throw any paper, fruit, seeds etc., anywhere in the school premises except in the baskets or bins specially provided for this purpose.

  • Speaking in English is compulsory within the school premises.

  • No pupil is exempted from Games and Physical Training without a Medical Certificate. The period of exemption should be specified.

  • Children should be brought to School and be picked up from School by either of the parent or their authorized servants whom the child can recognize and who holdsa copy of the identity badge.

  • Parents are requested to submit original birth certificate at the time of admission from Nursery to Std. I which will not be returned to them till their ward on the roll of our school. However Bonafide Certificate can be given in place of Birth Certificate.

Note:Parents are requested not to change the escorts often as this will create problem in proper identification by Teacher / Staff.

  • The School has made arrangements with a contractor for School Bus facility.

  • School Bus fees should be paid at regular intervals.

  • Parents are advised to send their ward by official school bus.