Parents –Teachers Association

All the parents are members of the PTA. Parents –Teachers Association has been set up in the school with a view to

  • Promote, maintain and develop contacts between parents and teachers and among parents themselves.

  • Provide exchange of views between parents, teachers and school management on common issues concerning the children and to recommend appropriate action.

  • To organize social, educational, recreational and other useful activities for the development of children.

List of P.T.A members

Chairman: Ms. Seema Sabhlok
Vice Chairman: Ms. Kruti Doshi
Secretary: Mr. Akhilesh Singh, Ms. Bency Vinod
Joint Secretary: Ms. Charu Sheela Shetty,  Ms. Deepa Arora
Chairman Transport Committee : Ms. Praseetha Nair
( YEAR 2018 -19)

Secondary Section

PTA Member Name

Student Name Rep For Class Contact No

Mail Id

Mr. Anil Yadav VI A 8425949917
Ms. Tina Nair VII D 9619260009
Ms. Vinuta Shetty VIII E 9324231192
Mr. Pawan Mishra IX C 9004555008
Ms. Deepa Arora X A 9757289863

Primary Section

Member Name

Student Name Rep For Class Contact No

Mail Id

Ms. Kirandeep Kaur Chahal Manjot Singh I 8450934238
Ms. Archana Dinesh Rajput Naitik Rajput II 8692939755
Ms. Praseetha Nair Ishita Nair III 8208252379
Ms. Charu Sheela Shetty Ritwik Shetty IV 8355994336
Ms. Kruti Doshi Gautam Doshi V 8097807209