Engage Empower Enlighten


Inspiring Learners to become Confident, Knowledgeable, Open Minded and Responsible global citizens.


Through quality teaching in a learner centric environment SMSISJ aims to:

  • Relate classroom learning to real life experiences.
  • Inculcate innovative thinking through challenging situations.
  • Provide multiple platforms to exhibit intrinsic talent.
  • Offer international exposure through collaborative projects.
  • Inculcate the values of personal and collective wellbeing.
  • Foster a sense of curiosity among our students.
  • Encourage students to respect diversity and peaceful co-existence.

Core Values

Our endeavour is based upon five core values that are the enduring underpinnings of our professional community. We aspire to adhere to and model these in all of our professional interactions. By experiencing these core values in their educational journey, we believe our students will embrace and in turn model them in their professional lives.