The main aim of any educational endeavour is to create a conducive, congenial and stimulating environment wherein a student will continuously develop the capacity to learn and change. We are of the opinion that education to be meaningful must deliver quality, relevance and excellence. During the time of educational career, students should be academically energized so as to unleash their total human potential. When our students step out of the institution, they should be disciplined, self – reliant and socially responsible citizens. Hence, making sense of our lives both personal and institutional should be a matter of priority for all of us.

In S.M.Shetty College of Science, Commerce and Management Studies at Powai, to translate our 'Vision' of a complete Institute with a difference, academics is being given top priority. To supplement academics, we have embarked upon Infrastructural Development and Expansion in the form of well – equipped I.T.Laboratories, state-of-the-art learning resource centre, I.T.-enabled services for the efficient and effective functioning and a few more.

Forward looking educational institutions have to reinvent their roles, renew their goals, reshape their strategies constantly to excel in the field. The best test for an effective educational institution is its flexibility to adapt itself to changes, and ability to anticipate changes and equip itself to be ahead of the times, so that changes follow them, rather than they follow changes.

We believe in empowerment of our students through empowerment of our teachers. Teachers are continuously trained by academicians, professionals and experts to empower and envision them. We have highly competent,well-trained and dedicated teachers.

The 'completeness' of the educational process should not only prepare a student for managing a career and the rigorous of advanced learning but also make him/her fit for leading amore sensible, purposeful, value based, secular human life.

It is indeed a privilege to work together for the progress of Bunts Sangha's S.M.Shetty Group of Educational Institutions at Powai. With our dedicated commitment,we have taken the Institutions to the greater height with some milestones. I sincerely appreciate and place on record, the services and contributions of my fellow-colleagues from the management, principal, faculty members, members of non-teaching staff, students and parents.

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