Schedule Age Group Time Amount
Full Day 1 to 8 Years 8 hrs to 12 hrs Rs.9000/-
Half Day 1 to 8 Years 6hrs of the day Rs.7000/-
Four Hours 1 to 8 Years 4 hrs of the day Rs.5000/-

Parents Kindly note that :

  • Fees to be paid quarterly.

  • Fees once paid are non refundable.

  • Timing should be followed strictly.

  • Overtime up to 2 hours will be charged Rs.150/- per day per child.

  • The Day Care centre is open from Monday to Saturday & closed on Sunday & public holidays.

  • Nutritious vegetarian snacks provided for Day Care children.

  • The fee is inclusive of snacks for Toddlers (18 months plus) and exclusive of snacks for infants (12 months – 18 months)

  • Admission Form Cost Rs.500/-