Alumni Speak

Manya Tandon - IB

Batch - Graduate of 2020
University - Ashoka University ,India

The years I have spent as a student of SMSISJC have been monumental for my identity. Not only has the school provided me with a strong academic foresight, but it has also taught me how to be a valuable member of the society. The personal attention, aid and maneuvering I received from the irreplaceable effort of all the teachers is unrivalled, and will be imprinted in my consciousness for years to come!

Tithi Arekar - IB

Batch - Graduate of 2020
University - Parsons School of Design,New York

SMSISJC has been my second home. I was a student here for 10 years and I'm grateful for all that I have learnt through the opportunities, faculty and exposure I received here. I have grown not only academically but also as an individual. The values of open-mindedness, dedication and creativity that have been encouraged here always inspired me and helped me achieve my goals. I will forever cherish my experiences in this school and they will keep guiding me throughout my life.

Shreya Pillai - IB

Batch - Graduate of 2020
University of Calgary

The time I spent in SMSISJ was one of growth, hard-work and resilience. I couldn't have asked for a more nurturing and encouraging environment to spend my final years of school in. I am very grateful to the faculty and staff for their dedication and continued support.

Ifrah Choudhary - A Level

Batch - Graduate of 2020
University - Concordia University,Canada

The rigorous and demanding nature of A Levels made university applications quite a stressful process but because of the solicitous teaching staff and an excellent admissions counselor at SMSISJC, things got much easier gradually. I got the opportunity to participate in numerous extracurricular activities ranging from debates to volunteering for essential social causes. The exposure I received being an SMSISJC student, greatly helped me be a strong applicant at international universities. It was at SMSISJC that I learnt to fully explore my potential, bolster my confidence and educate myself on topics that matter the most. I feel gratitude, for every experience and valuable knowledge that I have today. Without them, climbing the ladders of success wouldn't have been as smooth as it is for me.

Stash D’souza - A Level

Batch - Graduate of 2020
University - University of Bristol,UK

S.M Shetty has perfected the qualities that any leading academic institution must possess, and continues, day in and day out, to deliver the benefits of these virtues to its students. Topping the list of these qualities are first and foremost a close and strong student teacher relation, excellent for enabling the students to ward off and overcome any fears or anxieties they might have in approaching the faculty in regards to doubts and questions, thus leading to optimal academic performance; and secondly, a wide mix of extra-curricular and recreational activities to produce students who complement their detailed knowledge of literature, history and the sciences with strong social and interpersonal communication skills that will see them excel in any profession they may choose to take up in the future. Having studied in S.M Shetty for my A levels, and now a student of the University of Bristol, I was lucky and fortunate to reap the benefits one gets to enjoy in an academic institution that boasts such traits, and I can confidently assert that the two years I spent there have played a pivotal and key role in shaping my future.

Shushrut Devadiga - A Level

Batch - Graduate of 2020
University - Kirit P. Mehta School of Law - Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Legislative Law (BA LLB), India

Taking A Levels was one of the best decisions of my life. It allowed me the freedom to select the subjects of my choice. It also forced me to study and analyse my subjects in compartments, helping me to understand in -depth rather than mugging up the information. The school’s environment allowed me to take initiatives and encouraged me to look at things with different perspectives, which helped me gain vital experience. I am very thankful to the faculty for encouraging me to be a inquisitive person and guide me whenever possible.

Juanit Thomas - A Level

Batch of 2015-16
University - SRM University, India

The lessons I learnt in school were not just academic,but basic life lessons and the importance of being confident in one’s ownself. The relationships that I had with the teachers will always be something I cherish.I believe the school has played a vital role in developing us into well-rounded people with multiple interest. Life in S.M. Shetty helped me grow into the person I am today.

Soham Raikar - A Level

Batch of 2018-2019
University - University of Toronto

Over the ten years of school life, I have seen myself develop into a better individual. The school has not only taught me how to respect education and keep learning for the better, but has also helped me develop my personality in several ways. The chemistry I built with the school is unmatchable because we both embraced the differences and elevated the similarities between us.

Pooja Nair - A Level

Batch of 2018-19
University - Cambridge University, UK

The 8 years I spent in school have shaped me into the person I have become today. My relationship with my teachers, my peers and other non-teaching members of staff played an important role in my upbringing and in shaping my values. School for me has always been more than just a place of knowledge, it has been a place of joy, and excitement, a place that I can call home.

Shashwath Suresh -A Level

Batch of 2017-18
University - University of Southern Denmark

Education in my school was never restricted to a textbook, but went hand in hand with personality development and character building. My time at this institution has indeed been a journey of discovering my skills and honing them. I discovered my leadership skills by being part of the Students’ Council ,learnt about being a true international citizen by participating in Model United Nations conferences, refined my oratory skills and spread important social messages by taking part in street plays and discovered my true academic potential through constant motivation to aim higher.

Abhigyan Hazarika – IBDP

Batch of 2018-19
University - Amity University, Noida, India

The interdisciplinary and open nature of IBDP has helped me to gain a deeper understanding of the subjects and fields I am passionate about. Even though I found the course a bit difficult at first, my teachers whom I now consider to be like family, have made the experience to be a fun and unique one that I will never forget. I am glad that I pursued IBDP from this excellent school!

Anoushka Basu - IBDP

Batch of 2018-19
University - New York University, USA

The exposure I have received during my high school years in SMSISJC has been enriching and full of opportunities. I extend my gratitude to everyone who has directly or indirectly helped shape me, guide me, encourage me and have thereby formed an integral part of me and my being.