The school strongly believes that learning occurs in many different settings beyond the walls of a traditional classroom.  We are committed to creating opportunities for our students to learn beyond the classroom by providing exciting, enriching and immersive experiences that foster curiosity and prepare our students to be lifelong learners. 

Finger painting workshop

On the 18th of January,2021, Ms Pavitra Tandon, parent of our alumni Ms Manya Tandon conducted a Finger Painting workshop for students of Checkpoint I. This activity provided the students the opportunity to paint a landscape picture using fingers as a tool, encouraging them to be creative and exploring new techniques.

Guest Lectures - A workshop on Implementation Science

was organised for the Commerce students and was delivered by Mr. Arjun Sharan, a graduate of Nottingham Business School UK and an international education expert on 17th December, 2020.

Indo-Dubai Collaboration for French language

It is rightly said ‘Learning is evolution of mind’. 20 students from CPV & Chkpt I participated in the French language Indo-Dubai Collaboration on 7th December 2020 with Cambridge School Dubai. This was a platform for exchange of ideas and culture between two countries.

Students of Checkpoint III are collaborating with a Cambreur College in Netherlands on the project Ecological footprint

Students of Checkpoint III are collaborating with a Cambreur College in Netherlands on the project Ecological footprint

Virtual Tour Session - Checkpoint 1

Students of Checkpoint I were taken on a virtual tour session to Lyon (France) organised by Le frehindi, a Paris based student benefit organization on the theme “Discover the streets of the beautiful city of Lyon, students saw Carrefour City (grocery store), boulangerie & boucherie which is the Unit that they are working on in school.


As part of the "INNOVATE AND INSPIRE - CANADA SERIES" , students and faculty got a rare opportunity to participate in a Fireside Chat with Professor Donna Strickland, a Canadian optical physicist and pioneer in the field of pulsed lasers and professor at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada.She was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2018, together with Gérard Mourou, for the practical implementation of chirped pulse amplification.

Assembly - checkpoint 1.

In this age of 'Artificial intelligence' what sets us apart is our core Values. Values that define humanity. Values that bind us together. We the Human beings as Central Values' was the theme chosen by Checkpoint I students for their assembly. The theme conceptualized and executed to perfection by the students under the able guidance of the class teachers, their mentors of Checkpoint I. The assembly highlighted the importance of human values like Empathy, Compassion, Love, Respect through role-plays, dance and musical ballet. The thought-provoking performances of the students left the audience spellbound. Kudos to the teachers and students for the stupendous assembly!

In Defense of Animals

The students of IBDP-1 volunteered for the esteemed NGO, IDA. United by the love for animals

CAS activity

Grade 11 from IBDP and AS level were on an educational tour to Andaman from 16th to 20th January As a part of CAS, the students visited the Wandoor Government School.

CP-II Assembly

CP-II Assembly– ‘India- My Country'

The Times NIE School Reporter Program


Guest Lecture –IBDP Visual Art

With an aim to provide an insight into the assessment criterion, a guest lecture was organized for the IBDP Visual art students on the 1st of February,2020.The workshop was conducted by Mr. Dinesh Dutta, an educator  with IBDP examiner experience currently pursuing his endeavor of spreading the passion for the Arts with his venture of the Art school Artist 360 as the programme director.He reviewed student works and gave his valuable feedback to refine their creative processes that  inspire the creation of an artwork. Students learnt that Art is not about beauty but in-depth research and an ability to think beyond the obvious.He also stressed on the need to create art not just for Art’s sake but define its purpose as is the need of the 21st century.

Kala Ghoda Arts’festival

Mumbai’s Annual creative platform- the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is back with the theme being “The Dot” and we are proud to announce our school’s  participation in this event.

Our installation conveys the message of revoking a sense of pride and honor for women through the “Bindi”, a red dot symbolizing dignity. Change begins with one person, but eventually, happens as a whole. Keeping this thought in mind, we have made this installation an interactive experience for the audiences at Kala Ghoda.

The theme was conceptualized and presented by our students under the guidance of our Art teacher-Mr. Ganesh Ulhalkar, in the hopes of seeing a better tomorrow.