Our Music Department offer students the opportunity to develop and enhance their musical skills, Creative expression , performance and collaborative skills through a wide curricula of  traditional, contemporary, and world music genres. Our students get the opportunity to perform at events and competitions in school as well as other interschool events.


The curriculum focuses on increasing flexibility. The repetitive movements involved in dance  improves  muscle tone, corrects poor posture. Students learn teamwork, focus, and improvisational skills through Dance. Children express through performance ,communicate their ideas and are given the opportunity to make creative decisions.

Speech &Drama

Our school has associated with the Helen O ‘Grady International Academy  to further the development  of skills that enhance communication, boost energy and enthusiasm, encourage listening and conversational skills, promote social skills, and stimulate creativity and concentration.


Through our curriculum, the students get a chance to experience and learn the core elements of Art .They are introduced to the fundamental skills necessary for a college art school experience and for careers in the art field. As they progress into the IGCSE and  IBDP courses, we offer our students an atmosphere that is conducive to self-expression, with a goal of providing an enriching environment that facilitates the Art and Design education at the highest level