The school provides opportunities for students to boost self-confidence and self-esteem, navigate group environments and build social skills. Enrichment activities also allow our students to make connections with members of the school community and explore new interests and learn new skills in a positive and supportive environment.

Knowledge Cafe, an IBDP I CAS initiative

Students of IBDP1 introduced the first session of the Knowledge Cafe, a CAS initiative on 16th December, 2020. The programme aims to create a platform for exchange of knowledge, ideas, interests and information that will help students move beyond textbooks and explore the world around them. We have completed four sessions on Movies, Global Culture, Gaming and Reality and Birth of languages. Students have been participating actively and are thoroughly enjoying these action-packed sessions.


School Enterprise Challenge

The School Enterprise Challenge is an international student-led business awards programme for schools to establish profitable student-led businesses. It aims to develop young people's business and soft skills to better prepare them for the world of work and to develop their capacities as socially responsible entrepreneurs. The school successfully completed the Bronze Level with a business of making cloth bags and is now aiming for the Silver Level.

Global Social Leaders

Students participate in Global Social Leaders (GSL) Student Competition focused on the United Nations’ Global Goals for Sustainable Development. The aim of the competition is to develop students’ understanding of global citizenship and how to turn their ideas into reality. Our young students develop and implement a project that helps to achieve the United Nations’ Global Goals and join a global movement of socially conscious leaders.

TEDx Youth Event

The school has a TED Ed club where students collaborate and share thoughts and ideas. The explorations planned by the TED Ed communitytake them step by step through the process of self discovery and infused confidence in them to speak their mind and their ideas to the world at large. The school also hosted a TEDx Youth event on the theme Meraki - Creativity from the soul showcasing luminaries, fighters and believers who never gave up in the face of adversity and rose to the pinnacle of success fame and recognition purely on the basis of their talent, hard work and perseverance. The event also presented our very own homegrown young students who are groomed through the year to be TED Ed student speakers.

Model United Nations

Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN, encourages students to hone  skills  of diplomacy while learning more about international relations, and the United Nations. MUN involves and teaches participants speaking, debating, and writing skills, in addition to critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities. Students gain deeper understanding into current world issues. School host MUN events in school as well as a student led Interschool MUN event where delegates from various schools conduct research, formulate positions and come up with policy proposals and draft resolutions.

Student Clubs

These clubs, many of which are student led, provide opportunities for students  to participate in activities, interact with peers and develop skills and interests in specific areas. Students learn essential life skills like communication, leadership, team work and networking which help build them into well-equipped citizens who can contribute significantly to the production of a better world.