Vanmahotsav Walk - IBDP and A levels

The curiosity to learn and the willingness to make a difference is initiated through drives like the Vanmahotsav walk that was led on the 1st of July, with the students of IBDP and A levels. We aim to educate and instill values of social responsibility in the students with such activities  to make global learners


Team Green

Team Green aspires to inculcate values for a sustainable living in the minds of our young students.Students learn about right weather and soil conditions required for the growth of plants, Germination and making bird feeders in their activities.

Green Initiative

An initiative towards becoming a GREEN school! All the students are involved in composting and turning their food waste into compost. Apart from the compost making bed in the school garden and a home composting kit in the classrooms, we are also working towards using our canteen waste for composting.  A rotating bio unit will be installed outside the canteen for the same.. We have tied up with a couple of NGOs and organisations who would help us in the initiative.